The 4R’s is an invaluable framework for psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors hypnotherapists and NLP Practitioner.

As mentioned many conventional psychological and psychotherapeutic approaches tend to focus on intellectual approaches to effect changes. They tend to lack the necessary ‘firepower’ to effect those changes.

Hypnotherapists can use the 4R’s either as a standalone therapy for clients who are not good hypnotees, or as a preparation for any hypnosis. I have found my success rates with hypnosis shot up whenever I used 4Rs beforehand. 4Rs not only helps build rapport and trust but crucially it allows you to explore secondary gains and elicit subconscious objections in advance. This will help you to clarify and understand the real state of affairs you are working on, and where to direct the focus of your attention. Don’t go blind into hypnosis with a client hoping something will stick. Go in armed with knowledge about where you need to work and what you need to do.  4Rs incorporates many of the successful principles of good hypnosis for inducing change, but some simple and effective hypnosis inductions will be taught in order to help integrate and consolidate the changes gained from 4Rs. Moreover, with the 4Rs it’s possible to opt out of hypnosis altogether if the client feels uncomfortable. This is because change does not depend on hypnosis or depth of hypnosis. The change is done through effective negotiation and the set-up.

NLP practitioners & change workers Most NLP trainings teach some clever techniques but they fall short on providing some kind of coherent framework for working through a problem with a client. I have heard many NLP practitioners report feeling stranded out at sea once their stock techniques fail to have the desired impact. Lacking a comprehensive flow chart to guide them, they can very quickly feel lost. Training in 4Rs provides invaluable breadth and depth to your work so you will have a framework for change to guide you. There is also scope to incorporate your own NLP short interventions and techniques into the modular format itself.

Benefits of Training in 4Rs

  • Take the worry out of whether your hypnosis will work or not
  • Build better rapport and involvement with your client
  • Be able to address blocks in therapy that previously stumped you
  • Identify ecological objections, secondary gains & other variables in advance of interventions used
  • Elicit the real criteria needed for change
  • Have a more comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind
  • Have access to a range of powerful processing and releasing techniques that will pay for themselves many times over
  • Learn some highly effective reframes that quickly change patients’ perspectives
  • Be able to work in a more dynamic and interactive way
  • Working in a creative, flexible and interactive way is also enjoyable for the client and the therapist.
  • Increase your income by being able to offer more to your clients, increase your success and referral rate

It doesn’t matter whether you are starting out or already an experienced practitioner. You will learn a whole range of useful ideas, tips, and techniques that will immediately benefit you and your clients.