The following are the most recent testimonials taken from the ‘Trance Trinity 3″ Melbourne workshop in 2017 and from subsequent feedback:


“Amazing. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you for your knowledge! – Lance Baker. Lance also volunteered to be a demo candidate for me to treat his selective eating disorder. Lance subsequently updated his ability to eat and enjoy new foods on his own Facebook timeline.


“What  delight to be part of this. A true master” – Rob R.

“Thank you Felix you are a wonderful trainer” – Tim.

“It all makes sense. Love it!” – Annalise

“Thanks for the awesome learnings” – Kara

“Brilliant stuff Felix. Can’t wait to put them to work! – Andy G.

“Felix your passion and ‘coming-from-your-heart’ to teach and guide us to be great therapists is mind-blowing. Thank you!” – Marg.


“Hi Felix. I used your therapy process on a fibromyalgia client I saw today. Total process around 90 minutes. Client now mentally more adjusted and understanding of issues. Physical pain reduced markedly during session. She now feels positive about the future. Will see her again next week. But a lovely transformation with education, getting her on board both consciously and subconsciously, and the light bulb moment for her was that if she kept to her part of the bargain, the protective part would release more energy and reduce pain. She felt more in control, rather than life just ‘happening’ to her. Love it…. In all cases so far, it has been emotional for the client to realise this part is only protecting them, and there have been tears when they are reconciled with this part. More importantly, the process ‘makes sense’ to the client.Will keep you updated, but am thrilled with the client results so far –  Glenn Robertson

More updates from Glenn:
“I’ve had a productive 24 hours using the 4R’s Protocol …!

Today I saw a 44 yr old SED client. Gagging issues and restricted diet. She was in tears because work gave her a promotion and she’s dreading going to Holland with work for two weeks as she only eats bread, chips, donuts, some cold meats, and vegemite sandwiches. She was in tears after the session as she ate all her sample foods without gagging. She couldn’t believe it. Felix, thank you. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I’m looking forward to helping lots more people in Australia. I love this work! 👍❤️

And also used the protocol with an anxiety client yesterday (he had difficulty stopping negative thoughts, and couldn’t switch off thoughts, anxious feelings). He called me today saying he feels like a new man and can’t believe the change. 👍. I like the protocol. It’s versatile. 😀..”

                                                               n              ~

“I was fascinated to watch Felix Economakis for the first time in action, fix someone’s SED after being traumatised with it for more than 30 years. Not only COULD she eat but I didn’t think we’d get her to stop. LOL” – Bob Burns, legendary creator of The Swan & fellow Trainer


The following are from my earlier soft-launch when my method was called ‘EPRT’ at the time:

“I got so much out of the training, and have used it with several people e.g. one lovely girl who I have been seeing with GAD and very low self-esteem issues helped to get to root cause, ditto with another lady with OCD and binge eating.” – C.B – BACP Counsellor


“I’ve used EPRT with quite a few clients now, often with very rapid progress occurring. I like that it keeps clients engaged, and allows for immediate feedback, and that is also fits well with the mindfulness based approach I’ve been using over the last couple of years…” – Joseph Kao – Hypnotherapist –


“I got feedback from one friend who I worked with who said she had more insight in two session using EPRT with me than in three years of personal therapy, and she is a trained counsellor!” – Lesley Provan – NLP Coach –


“This is was fab Felix. I felt like a different person and so relieved to tackle issues that I have struggled with in an easy, supportive and effective way”. Charlotte Haynes –


“I love EPRT. I use the overall approach in a way that fits in neatly with my ways of working and it is extremely effective in working with personality parts – it leaves no stone unturned. It is a highly valued addition to my skillset.Everything was explained with clarity and enthusiasm, and at just the level of detail and understanding I needed”.

Gary Turner, hypnotherapist & performance coach –


“Why I think this (therapy) works and is so helpful is that the prosecutor in my head is so clever, it’s the cleverest part of me, and all way up to this point in my life, people have given me all types of therapy, and the prosecutor has been able to twist and change things, but (in this therapy) you are like the defendant… you are able to take the prosecutor head on and contest things directly, and everything that he says is ‘proof, proof,proof’ of my worth you say ‘Well you are calling it proof, but its not actual proof’… because no one else has ever taken it on, it’s been allowed to flourish and thrive and twist things, so it’s really nice to have someone take that on. That silences the prosecutor a lot…. It’s a part of me that never really been looked at challenged or spoken to.”

Client Susie G (actress) comparing EPRT with her many experiences of conventional talking therapies.