Mentoring is a new option offered for those interested in learning the 4Rs’ by observing it in action in the therapy room in north west London. Mentoring involves an attendee attending either one or two days.

I can almost guarantee two clients with SED/ARFID on each day – perhaps one being an adult, another a child. Clients with SED tend to be very open to being observed, filmed and assisting in raising awareness for SED. A client with another issue may also agree to attend. To date I have had one attendee – Glenn – attend both days. We had 3 clients on a Monday and two on a Tuesday (2 for 2 hours and 2 for 1.5 hours). This allowed Glenn to observe and reinforce the model, as well as observe its repeated effectiveness but also crucially, to allow time to reflect and ask questions. Many attendees will have specific questions about how to tailor the approach to their own specialities.

Below is a recap of the two days with Glenn in Jan 2018



Feedback from Glenn

Glenn RobertsonWhat a fabulous two days learning and observing with Felix at his Clinic in London. Felix has developed a wonderful protocol and process that delivers predictable positive results for clients with SED and other presenting issues. It was a joy watching clients (and their family members) experience the metamorphosis of moving from the prison of SED to the wonder of eating and tasting foods that had previously never passed their lips … after just one session. I’m looking forward to taking Felix’s process and helping clients in Australia and New Zealand. When I arrive back in Melbourne I’ll share a more in depth account of the two days I spent learning with Felix. This is a game changing protocol that Felix has developed. For those therapists in the UK, don’t hesitate… Felix is the real deal. I travelled from Australia to be mentored by Felix, and know that the investment will absolutely be repaid many times over. Thanks Felix … you’re a pioneer who demonstrates success where it matters most; at the coal face…”

Glenn has already seen results applying the 4Rs to fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (see testimonials)


On Mondays, Wednesdays we would start at 11am and finish around 6pm. Then we would continue discussions over dinner. Next day we would also finish around 6pm.

Please bear in mind that I am actually reducing the amount of my usual clients in order to mentor. I would usually work for an additional 2 client hours in general. As such the fee is £350 per day or £650 for two days.

If you are interested in learning the 4Rs by personal mentoring, please contact me on the details below and I will send further information.