Lance Baker – (based in Australia)


Lance is a natural leader and during his years of training has supported many students go on to do great things and set up their own businesses utilising his training. He has held a life long interest in the power of the human brain and its healing potential over mind and body. His interest has led him to over a decade of in depth and diverse exploration and training. His training with other types of therapies has given him a unique voice in the hypnotheraputic community.  Lance has trained in hypnosis, mesmerism, the swan protocol, reiki, access bars, holistic counselling and meditation. Lance delved deep into the world of energy healing, the human bio-magnetic field and adapted that with energetic hypnosis and mesmerism to gain a unique perspective on the workings of energetic transference to facilitate deeper changes within hypnosis.
His own personal experiences with chronic pain led him towards a path that was different to how he ever imagined his journey to become. With instruction to undertake brain surgery to alleviate symptoms associated with a large cyst Lance instead was left suffering chronic pain in the form of a  migraine, and less of faith in traditional medical options. Close to ten years of trialling various medical and non-traditional healing techniques led to Lance taking control back of his own life and pain management utilising energetic techniques to free himself from the chronic migraine that he was told could not be cured.

Lance believes strongly in helping people who are helping others change the world.  He has been a guest speaker for the Australian police force teaching mediation, self hypnosis and self care techniques that will be essential in dealing with the trauma they face every day. His enthusiasms for assisting others extends to working with those on the front-line of domestic violence prevention.
Lance has worked professionally with groups of over 100 people at once as well as in one on one clinical situations. His work has been with a diverse cultural clientele facing a wide range of challenges such as stress disorders, depression, anxiety, PTSD, childhood trauma, cult deprogramming, weight loss, nicotine and drug dependency, chronic pain management, motivation, performance and knowledge enhancement, chronic fatigue, confidence, relationship issues, phobias and many other assorted subconscious concerns.