Alex Vrettos


Alex qualified in 2010 with Chrysalis, a well known hypnotherapy, counselling and psychotherapy training provider, but he was not satisfied. This training laid a good foundation of knowledge about symptoms and therapy but taught him little about hypnosis and real change.

He therefore sought out some of the maverick hypnotists doing change work such as Bob Burns, James Tripp, Felix Economakis and Barry Thain and trained with them in their methods giving him a diverse approach to change work that is adaptable to each individual client.

He is always learning more and developing new approaches to increase the chances of finding the best solution for each new client. This process is overseen by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council & Register.

Before being a therapist, his background is in Cinema management where he developed a fascination in communication and psychology with reference to people and their idiosyncrasies. He worked for a spell too in welfare to work and with the charity Victim Support, but has never felt more natural in a role as he does in therapy where he is dedicated to working out his days and always learning more.

Contact Details:

07853 032646