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“This is therapy in a box!” – Glenn Robertson, 4Rs Practitioner and now the most prolific practitioner with ARFID in Australia


The techniques and methods used are employed across the board for all forms of anxiety disorders, PTSD, OCD etc. However, it is easy to get demonstration candidates with ARFID so the two demos involved clients with ARFID. nevertheless, the protocol is the same with the content adjusted for ARFID.

Course Content:

* A detailed series of videos outlining the rationale behind the methods used and why they work so well – both general concepts and specific methods.

* Two live demos with two different clients with ARFID.

* A detailed forensic analysis of one of those demos – discussing the specifics such as use of language patterns, reframing, negotiation , covert persuasion and leading.

* A detailed transcript of a typical session with a column on the side explaining more specific details.

Past practitioners have confirmed that the training pays for itself many times over – accessing a new market, getting good results and increasing word-of-mouth referrals