Testimonial from a client seen by Glenn Robertson

Glenn continues to use the 4Rs across the board but has built up a huge practice with ARFID clients. Glenn recently told me about feedback from the mother of a 17 year old boy he saw:

“..I’ve never been a fan of alternative medicine or anything considered even slightly ‘out of the norm’, until a couple of weeks ago when I became desperate. I was watching my beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, sensitive almost 17 year-old son wasting away before my eyes. The 15 year long battle with food phobias (finally diagnosed as ARFID) was really taking it’s toll. Recent blood tests revealed his body was actually burning muscle as he had no fat stores. He was unable to play football, the sport he just loved and had played all of his life because he lacked energy, was painfully thin and constantly teased by his sturdier Under 18 opponents.

He couldn’t attend his school camp to ‘help build a school in India’ because he knew he’d starve rather than try new foods, his girlfriend dumped him because ‘he was weird’ and couldn’t take her anywhere other than KFC or Maccas for dinner.

Holidays were unbearable if I didn’t pack enough of his ‘safe foods’ and he chose not to sit at the dinner table for birthday and Christmas celebrations for fear of being henpecked about his unusual eating habits and food selections by insensitive family and friends, so all round a pretty isolating and miserable life.

I might add that we have visited around 25 different GP’s, 5 Paediatricians, 5 Psychologists specializing in eating disorders, 4 Dieticians and 2 Nutritionalists to no avail. Finally, we came across a highly recommenced Psychiatrist who diagnosed Liam with ADHD and ARFID in May of this year. Although he didn’t have any solution for the ARFID diagnosis and eluded to the fact that it would ‘most likely rectify itself with time’, he recommended a psychologist for management of ADHD symptoms. And so, Liam attended his scheduled psychologist appointment on 19/9. It was on this morning of this day that I really ‘saw’ Liam….really looked at him deeply rom the eyes of a stranger rather than his mother who was used to his appearance. Sitting opposite me in the waiting room was a gaunt, pale young man with a lifeless complexion, protruding eyes and teeth, emaciated legs with knobby knees, long, thin fingers typing on his phone with giant, knuckles and I felt ill. And so, whilst he was in with the psychologist, I found Glenn. Hallelujah!… [and Liam proceeded to eat food with Glenn’s help]

Well done Glenn!… and it also illustrates, results are possible with the 4Rs even after trying to many other approaches.