Sorry about the absence – just finished our training weekend and managed to get a cold yesterday which developed into a stonker today, but the show must go on…

On the training there were the following demos:
1 x 30 year old man with ARFID (seen a hypnotherapist for 6 sessions and had a course of CBT) – proceeded to eat food

1 x 10 year old boy – proceeded to eat food

1 x 14 year old teen who had a problem with eating in front of people, some introversion issues, anxiety problems (and also had a brother with some selective eating issues too)… they took the food to another room and ate it there. He wanted his eyes open so we did the non-hypnosis option. The volunteer also had some anxiety around eating in front of others so went next door to taste the food, so that part was not taped.

I have set up another forum for students of the training to discuss cases, share stories, F&Q webinars and it will be exciting to see how they develop the 4Rs in their own ways. I will be sharing bits and pieces of that forum here.


Video clips are available on:

and  (Jack 10 years old)