I get testimonials all the time but thoughts I’d mention this because t also makes an important point – we never know what will happen. Her son was:
* sceptical / dubious (shows its possible to persuade otherwise)
* on autistic spectrum ( I often get asked whether it works if ASD)
* sensory processing in other areas too (goes to show its not a ‘set’ thing but the brain can perceive things differently.
* wanted eyes open (inner mind wary of losing control)…. and you can still potentially get results after an hour.
Sarah F
22 July at 22:25 2018
So first post in here… i have a 14 nearly 15 year old son who for the last ten years has been getting worse with his eating, flatly refusing foods before he’s even seen them, saying he doesnt like them or they will make him sick, and cutting down to bread, chicken nuggets, cereal (only two sorts) and a few other foods, i have has all the ‘helpful’ advice such as offer him a meal and nothing else if he was hungry he would eat, to just cook him what he wants so he eats etc but it wa starting to seriously impact his life, losing weight, not socialising, not eating at school so getting into trouble for not concentrating etc in the last week we have had a diagnosis from the hospital of Autistic Spectrum Disorder, SPD and ARFID. My friend had a friend who had been to see Felix and recommended that i tried him, i made an appointment for yesterday and even to the point of getting to the front door my son was adamant he couldnt try any of the food, getting us both upset, hes at the age where emotions come out as anger and i just wanted to cry! In his own words “going to see felix would be a waste of money and there was no point whatsoever”! Well an hour later he HAPPILY tried yoghurt with fruit in (he had taken it out of the shopping basket twice!), pineapple and pasta with sauce. I cried! Tonight he has tried garlic bread with cheese, mozarella sticks, italian potatoes, bbq chicken pizza AND lasagne, neary sobbed in the resaturant, all with a smile on his face! I get hes not going to like everything and we have a long way to go but hes tried more in two days than the last two years, so if you are debating whether to try felix please give it a go i hope it works for you like it has for me 😍😍😍 one happy mum xxx