The 4R’s Protocol

Psychologists, psychotherapist, and counsellors, have you had enough of hearing clients saying “I know it’s irrational, but I can’t help the way I feel!”?

So had I, but now with the 4R’s approach I can get to the heart of the problem quickly and effectively.

The Old Way

Most modern therapies are still overly abstract and intellectual. They are good at talking about the problem, around the problem and going all round the houses of the problem, but crucially not actually dealing directly with the problem at all.

Teaching the client how to lecture his/her mind about the obvious need for change is the slow way. Think of your own experiences in the past – how motivated were you to change your behaviour after someone gave you a lecture on values you didn’t agree with? Well it’s likely that your client views it that way too.

An Effective Alternative – The 4R’s

Working directly with emotions and with the problematic part is the faster, easier and longer lasting way – and that’s the 4R’s core benefit.

The 4R’s approach is a ‘cut to the chase’ therapy and will enable you to experience a whole new way of working with clients that takes you away from intellectual talking therapies, and gets you and the client involved straight away in getting to the crux of the real problem.

WHAT IS THE 4-R’s Model?

In short:

  • A protocol comprised of approx. 30-40mins setup followed by 15-20mins of either: formal hypnosis, conversational or indirect hypnosis, or even eyes-open and non-hypnosis that takes the stress out of hypnotising clients! You will learn how to get ‘hypnosis-like’ results without the client being hypnotised.


  • I usually need just a single session with this protocol for most phobias, anxiety disorders,  trauma and PTSD, and many other issues and the format is expandable in places were additional exploration and processing is needed.


  • It contains elements of all the therapies I have studied and found most useful – gestalt and systemic therapy, transactional analysis, ego-state therapy, empty chair work, interpersonal therapy, NLP and hypnosis.


  • The therapy has been tried and tested for years with thousands of one-session treatments. To see some before-and-after cases click on my dedicated YouTube channel (please do a search for ‘FelixEcoPsych’)


NB: the protocol was previously called ‘EPRT’ so in past literature and interviews it has been referred to as such.